“It’s No Myth, Lack of Diversity Puts Retirement At Risk.”

This week’s article tells us “to diversify, products like a fixed indexed annuity can offer balance, growth potential with principal protection, and a steady income stream during retirement.” Don’t let misconceptions derail your best solution for balance and security. Did you know that “Not every retirement account can guarantee a steady lifetime income stream like Fixed Index Annuities?” Call us, we’re happy to discuss your retirement situation with you and help you sort myth from fact. We’re always here to help.

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The Crisis

I read an article the other day that, while written a few years back, seemed to resonate even more today. The author wrote “More dangerous yet is the shift in focus away from retirement income to return on investment that has come with the introduction of saver-managed [retirement] plans: Investment decisions are now focused on the value of the funds, the returns on investment they deliver, and how volatile those returns are. Yet the primary concern of the saver remains what it always has been: Will I have sufficient income in retirement to live comfortably? Clearly, the risk and return variables that now drive investment decisions are not being measured in units that correspond to savers’ retirement goals and their likelihood of meeting them.” That’s where we come in. We have some ideas to help you obtain sufficient income, and look forward to helping you meet your retirement goals. Call us, we’re always here to help.

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Boost your Financial Education

It’s back to school month, and regardless “if your household doesn’t include school-age children, you can still take September as a time to reevaluate your personal development and consider areas for growth in the future. For instance, a financial health checkup is a good way to discover ways to improve your financial education.” Call us if you would like to discuss options that can help provide you with an income stream you can’t outlive. We’re always here to help.

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I came across an article from the past that caught my eye. It tells us that “Entering retirement can be a particularly jarring experience for seniors, and not only because they’re leaving behind the familiar world of work. For the change also requires a shift in one’s financial orientation — from savings accumulation to decumulation. Above all, the transition brings into focus one overriding goal: how best to “pensionize” a nest egg so that your money outlasts you, and not the other way around.” Call us if you’d like some ideas on how to pensionize your savings, and obtain income in the process. We’re always here to help.

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Transform Stress into Confidence

This week’s article reports that “Financial matters outrank any other source of stress combined, including health and relationships.” Not surprising when so much in our lives depend on how much money we make, how much we’ve saved, and how much we will have in retirement. The author goes on to tell us that “The retirement planning landscape has undergone sizable change” and only “13% of people say they could rely on pension alone to support their desired retirement lifestyle.” If you are stressed about your financial situation, and want to know about products that can help provide you with an income in retirement that you can’t outlive, call us. We’re always here to help.

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This week’s article states “Second-quarter market volatility is making Americans increasingly worried about their finances and retirement savings, with only 31% in a new survey saying they were comfortable with market conditions and ready to invest, down two percentage points from the previous quarter and four points from last year’s first quarter. The latest market perceptions study from Allianz Life also found that more Americans feared the approach of a major recession in the second quarter than in the 2019 and 2018 first quarters — 48% vs. 46% and 44% — or major market crash — 47% vs. 46% and 42%. “Volatility has become the norm over the past year and a half, but that doesn’t mean those major market swings are any less gut-wrenching,” Kelly LaVigne, vice president of advanced markets at Allianz Life, said in a statement.” Call us if you would like to discuss how an FIA may help you in situations like this. We’re always here to help.

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Counterintuitive Thought

“Here’s a counterintuitive thought:” Healthy consumers “are likely to have higher medical costs in retirement than their less-healthy counterparts.” This means that income in retirement may be needed in order to pay those expenses, and it is also why healthy people “need to save more for retirement.” Call us if you’d like to know more. We’re always here to help.

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Were you Aware?

This week’s article relates back to June being Annuity Awareness Month, and lists five things that pre-retirees should know about annuities. The first point the article references is that Fixed Index Annuities can provide stability. “With an FIA, your principal is safe from market swings that threaten other retirement products. Additionally FIAs are some of the only options that provide guaranteed lifetime income, meaning you can’t outlive your savings.” Are you thinking about what you anticipate your financial needs will be in retirement? Call us, we’re happy to explain how the income from an FIA can help. We’re always here to help.

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Is your Back to the Wall?

We already know that reports were issued a few years back telling us that the U.S. recession took its toll on seniors, and that “America’s senior citizens have their backs to the wall” especially when they confront health care costs and the threat of financial ruin if they do not take “concrete measures to protect their financial health. That’s not a luxury – it’s a necessity.” Call us if you are reviewing your financial health and have any questions. We’re always here to help.

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Check-up on the Way

“You don’t leave your physical health to chance so why risk your retirement health?” I thought you might be interested in the financial health checklist in this week’s article because it mentions how “like many big life moments such as getting married, or expanding your family, you need a plan and check-ups along the way. Retirement is no different. Your financial health can use a check-up on the road to retirement.” We agree, and look forward to speaking with you to see if the type of guaranteed income of a fixed indexed annuity can help you be retirement ready. Call us. We’re always here to help.

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